Monday Stress/non-Stress

27 Jun

Here the stress / non stress report


i have a major presentation regarding the mutual fund today with the fund’s bored of directors -not sure the PM cares. hey they moved the date up by 2 days so that added stress. i wore slacks and a golf shirt to work (no soxes) rather than my usual shorts and feel more profession on my conference call.

having an MRI and MVA of my brain tumor on Wed…need time off from work but still get everything done…who can drive and bring me home? is driving under the influence of valium an offense?

finding some one to drive me…last time they did this I had a severe headache for 2 days, doc says it was all in my head… the IV contrast shouldn’t give me a headaches, but it does..its not in my head…so stop trying to play head games

after the tests i get to go to Florida Cancer Specialist…my oncologist…always a fun time…what cocktails are you mixing? Why don’t we do some more tests…bloodwork anyone? How’s you nodes huh? do you think the nurse can do my weight/bp and temp right this time?

i think the thingie on my back is getting bigger, but i can’t really see it…well at least its not like the hump from last time (nurf football size)…at least i think its not that big

i’m bunny sitting Tony’s rabbit while he is in Europe for 3 weeks. i wanta get stronger while he’s away since he is faster on his new bike….maybe i need a new bike?

gotta figure out how to swim tonight and tomorrow, and can i ride on wednesday before my mri/mva?


i walked to fourbucks for lunch today, sat and watched people go by…toursists had a white mocha grande.

i bought myself the sopranos season 5 on dvd… i’m going to start watching it wednesday since I’ll have to lie on the sofa for 2 days.

im going to lose weight this week, want to lose about 20 pounds any way, i’ll not be able to eat wed thru sat… but i want be strong enough to run and swim sat and ride 5o miles on sunday

why is my stress list bigger than my non-stress list?


9 Responses to “Monday Stress/non-Stress”

  1. Wil June 27, 2005 at 6:27 pm #

    20 lbs!? OMG – you look great the way you are. Don’t stress!

  2. Oldman June 27, 2005 at 7:27 pm #

    i will not have to buy a new lighter bike if i lose weight

  3. Alicia June 27, 2005 at 9:11 pm #

    Oh man, hopefully the non-stress list will out-weigh the stress list soon. Good luck with everything!

  4. Shelley June 27, 2005 at 11:30 pm #

    My thoughts will be with you on Wednesday…good luck and hope you don’t feel too bad!! And yes..I think you should get a new bike.. 😀

  5. nancytoby June 28, 2005 at 2:08 am #

    Whew! You’ve got a lot on your plate, but you do seem to somehow keep on an even keel about all of it. Thanks for keeping us all posted!

  6. bunnygirl June 28, 2005 at 4:23 am #

    Bunny sitting? Wish I could help! :-)Good luck with everything. You have such an amazing attitude that I’m sure it will all work out fine.

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