The Moon at the 3.96 mile mark

18 Oct


Today there was a full moon. No I didn’t howl at it! But I did try to take a picture of it with my iPhone. As I got to the 3.96 mile mark, at the pottie house on the golf course where I stop for water, I decided that the moon setting thru the trees would be a great shot. It was still dark but with the full moon I had high hopes for a good shot. Alas it was not but I posted it anyway.

When I stop the iPod was playing some Doo Whop music and Endomondo was running. I’ve used Endomondo for a couple of years just to keep track of mileage. It tells me my splits over the music so I kinda like it.

When I stopped it read 3.96 miles. After shooting the picture I started running again. I guess I didn’t pay attention to Endomondo as I didn’t here it say "AUTO RESUME". As I continued on, I was waiting for the 4 mile split…and waiting…and waiting…. When I got to the 5 mile mark again not split. I pull out the iPhone to take a look, wipe some sweat and walk only to find 3.96 miles still showing. I lost a mile! Then it started running again.

I continued on my regular weekday route, thru the woods, over the bridge, past Tony’s house to the last mile to my house. Upon arriving home my Timex GPS watch/heart rate/speed/distance read 7.25 miles while the Endomondo read 6.25 miles.

So today’s moonlite run was 7.25 miles. Yeah!


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