Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Walking

15 Jul

We left Atlanta on time at 3:55. Delta did a great job feeding and entertaining us thru the evening. After dinner, pasta and chicken, the torture began in earnest.

Neither Joanne nor I could sleep, try as we might. Why when you try to sleep, you can’t? I dozed just a moment then someone would bump me, a bell would sound or I was uncomfortable and I would wake up.

Finally, the sun came up, breakfast was served and we landed in Roma.

We rode the train from the terminal to Customs / Passport Control . Passport control was nothing more than a quick glance at our passports. The luggage was waiting for us on the carrousel and we found the limo driver that David and Carolina sent. The it was off on a high speed chase, well a drive on the highway northwest to Sacrofano.

As we turned into the lane that leads to the house, we were met by a lady waving her arms telling our driver to stop. Beyond her was a truck whose front wheel had gone off the road. Not enough room for us to get by, the driver, who did not speak English, said something which I translated into “what the hell you idiot”.

As we sat pondering our next move, a car came on the other side of the truck . Out of the drivers seat came Carolina! She was on her way to her office.

After a few moments of discussion with the driver in Italian, we transferred our luggage to her car. After loading all of the luggage there was no room for me. The car is a very small Toyota, almost as small as a Smart Car.

So it was time for my early morning hike. It was cool, about 75 and low humidity. Here are a couple of views on the lane to the house.

Carolina returned to the limo and had the driver take her to work.

So we arrived safely yet very tired. We took a nap and now we are just relaxing.


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