Adult Report Card

8 Oct

I saw this on Hollie’s website, FueledByLOLZ, she stole it from The Road Less Run, it’s an Adult Report Card.  At this stage of the game, if I haven’t figured it out by now I guess I should get an F.


I don’t do the laundry in our house but I don’t mind doing it if I have to.  I contribute a mountain of clothes to the laundry each week, running clothes, cycling clothes, swimming clothes, work clothes, dress clothes and of course lounging around clothes.  Since I’m a heavy sweater in Florida, I often change my t-shirt, sometimes 3 times a day.

Paying bills=B

I pay my bills as soon as they come in and pay my credit cards off before the statement comes.  I’ve paid months ahead on my car and hope to have it paid off by years end.

Dressing nice in public=B

I do try to look my best in public and dress according to the occasion.  In SW Florida everything is pretty much summer causal, shorts and a golf shirt.  Rarely do I wear long pants, sox, and dress shoes.



I love to cook and do almost all of the cooking in our house.  I make my own broth, bread and at times pasta.  I love to cook Italian but also like Low Country, Cajun and Southwest cooking.


Keeping the house neat=A

I now rate an A as J and I work together to clean the house regularly.  Everything in it’s place and a place for everything.  We keep our kitchen counter clutter free, the dishes washed after every meal and the great room clean and neat after watching TV.  Our bed is made and the trash emptied every morning.

Grocery shopping=B

Since I’m the cook, I maintain the shopping list.  I try to keep “back-ups” of all essentials i.e. tp, soaps, paper towels, etc. I buy fresh fruit and veggies from my produce guy and make sure we always have tomatoes on hand.

 Handling door to door salesman=c

I don’t want anyone to show up at my door unannounced, especially salespeople.  Since we live in a gated community this never happens.  I always know who is coming to see me.

Wearing makeup=C

I don’t wear make up, but I do were sunscreen every day.  Having had multiple melanomas, I know the importance of sun screen and have made it a part of my daily morning ritual – shave, shower, teeth, sun screen, etc.


I am not a party animal, while I do like to entertain friends for dinner, I don’t like large group parties.  I tend to be a wall flower as most of the people in our community have little common interests – i.e. they don’t swimbikerun and can’t understand those that do.  They don’t understand someone who spends thousands of dollars on this sport. (We went to a dinner after I did a 100 mile bike race where everyone but J and I were on a no carb diet.  That was a fun dinner! I was craving even a piece of bread and came home only to fix myself dinner.)

Gifts and cards=A

I love planning birthday gifts and did last year a whole month of birthday celebration with a card, music and gift each day for 30 days leading to J’s surprise birthday party which included her best friend from nursing school and high school.  This year was a gondola ride in Venice with a guitarist and a singer for J’s birthday.


Living in Florida we can’t be as close to our children as we would like.  But we do try.



Meeting people for brunch=C?

I love brunch but it is my long ride day so we don’t get to meet with friends for brunch.  I do make brunch for J and I, if that counts. Mimosas, without the orange juice, are always in order.


Business trips=D?

I only occasionally have to go on a business trip with my employer, the last time to New York City.  I don’t like to do it.

Having a business card=F

I have one but rarely, if ever give it out.

Looking like I’m 63.

Most people can’t believe J or my age.  Perhaps it is the good life in Florida, our sunscreen moisturizer or just plain good jeans but neither of us look our age.


Throwing dinner parties=D

I love doing dinner parties but don’t do them that often.  Christmas, we are in New Jersey, New Year’s is at a friends, we do Easter and then it’s to hot and everyone is gone.

Having an established career=C

My career is over as I consider myself semi-retired.  I only work 4 hours a day and have 3 months off with pay in the summer.


I’m very happy as I love J, love our home, love where we live and love our travels.  I have been cancer free and other than a brain tumor, what’s not to be happy about?  I swimbikerun, I just started Stand Up Paddle Boarding and I play a little golf.  I have a couple of good friends I can count upon and we have a good circle of acquaintances.

Work ethic=A

I was taught from a young age, nothing comes easily.  I’ve work for where I am and continue to work hard at my goals. I can work most young people under the table with my DIY projects.


I regularly set goals and long term goals.  My race schedule is a reminder of my goals but I have others as well.

Ability to find the good in bad situations=A

I’ve been accused of being a cock-eyed optimist.  I always look on the bright side of life and there is nothing I can’t do!

Dream chasing=A

If you don’t have a dream, a goal or an Idea then life is not worth living.

Living a life I love=A

I’m doing what I enjoy in life, swimbikerun.


I believe in Jesus as Lord and through Him all things are possible.


I haven’t arrived there and don’t expect to.

Having fun=A

I’m a wild and crazy guy! Yes, I’m having fun.

So there you have it.  Yes, I’m glad to be alive and living the dream in what I consider Paradise.  I can swimbikerun just about any time.  I have a person who loves me and I love her. We live in a nice house in a good community, have some good friends and don’t lack for food.  Life’s good.









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