Newton Running Shoes

1 Nov

In 1977 I decided to start running to lose weight and have an outlet for stress.  Being a little overweight, 262 pounds, I went to the local discount store to buy a pair of sneakers and some gym shorts.  The only shorts I could find for my 48″ waist were shorts that looked like boxer shorts.  My sneakers were cheap running shoes.

One day while running at lunch time I ran past a little girl playing in her yard.  She shouted “Mommy, here comes that man running in his underwear!”

I quickly learned that quality shoes were essential to running.  After shin splints and icing after runs I searched for good shoes.  At that time there were few high quality running shoes.  Some runners used bowling shoes for running!  I bought a pair of expensive running shoes and was loyal to that brand for years.  I’ve since lost weight and run in real running shorts.

In 2001 I changed shoes as the previous shoe company changed the shoe so much it was now a stiff plastic version.  My new shoes, while the company changed them every 6 months or so, they worked until the company discontinued my shoe.

In 2009 I read “Born To Run” by Christopher McDougall.  It was then I bought my first pair of Newton’s.  I loved them from the start.  I recommended them to my friends and told people who had knee pain these shoes were the answer.  Since then I can’t begin to count the number of shoes I’ve purchased.  After throwing away 2 pair, the picture above is my current inventory.

This pair is in my running bag that resides in my car.  If I get the opportunity at work to take a few minutes to run or stop somewhere, I have an old pair in my car.

This is an old pair that I use when it’s raining or I’m going to run thru a muddy area on the golf course.

This is my current favorite pair.  They are like an old friend.  They have Yanks in them so I can put them on quickly and often do so just to have a shoe to wear around the yard but every now and then they go for a run.

This is the “new pair”.  Along with its mate the new pair still in the box.

The new pair and the pair still in the box I bought at the same time.  I often buy 2 because…well they wear out so quickly.  These two are the changed model from what was once a great shoe to a shell of its former shoe.

This shoe makes noise!  It “pops” when I walk in them, I know I’m suppose to run.  But it pops.  It doesn’t “feel” like Newtons.  There is no feeling of the bar in the sole no feeling like “Hey I should be running in these shoes”.  It’s a feel thing,they just don’t feel right not like Newtons of old.  The quality is just not there any more.

Look close at the picture…

The left shoe has a hole in it from my toe!  These shoes have maybe 100 miles on them. None of the others did that.   The material is cheap, even the laces are cheap.  Yet the price was not cheap.

Why did you change my favorite shoe?  When my favorites wear out what am I to do?


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