Breakfast at First Watch

13 Nov


I love to read Hollie’s at FuelbyLOLZ review’s of New Jersey diner’s.  Since I’m from the Garden State and have visited many diners, I get a kick out of reading her diner posts.  So I decided to review a breakfast “diner” here in Florida.  While we don’t have all the glammor of a NJ diner, we do have some pretty good breakfast places and a new one opened in our community, First Watch. So I am going to “borrow” Hollie’s format for my review.

Atmosphere C

First Watch, Estero, is in a new strip mall across Rte 41 from Coconut Point Mall.  When arrived the cafe was semi- full with a few empty tables.  The setting is similar to most burger joints without the order counter. We were seated right away.

Coffee B

The waitress asked us about coffee, I ordered regular and J ordered decaf, which I think confused the waitress.  She came back with two thermos pots of coffee and poured a half of a cup for each of us.  There were flavored creamers on the table but neither of us use those and we don’t like the “artificial” half-half, so I flagged down the waitress and asked if I could have milk for my coffee.  She said she would have to check in the kitchen and disappeared.  When she returned she had two little pitchers of milk but by this time the coffee in our cups was cold. The cold coffee tasted good, I just wish it was hot!  When I drank the cold and poured new it was hot and the coffee was good.

Cost B

If you are looking for a cheap breakfast this is not it.  While the not the most expensive food around it is about what you would expect as they have organic eggs and everything is fresh to order.

Food F

I wish I had taken a picture of our food.  J ordered scrambled eggs, not realizing she had an option of toast it came with an english muffin.  I guess the waitress forgot to ask about toast or muffin. It was suppose to be two scambled eggs but the portion size was so small with a table spoon size portion of potatoes and a nice piece of ham.  J didn’t really want any meat but there was no option not to have eggs without meat so ham. Her eggs looked like some one forgot to scramble them  and they had an odd taste from the oil they used, it wasn’t butter.  J said her potatoes were seasoned potatoes but when I tasted my potatoes I found the seasoning was burnt onions in the potatoes.

I ordered eggs benedict with ham.  What I got was two lightly poached eggs, the whites of the eggs were not cooked, served over lunch meat ham on an english muffin. There was also a small portion of potatoes and a thimble of fruit, which because J’s portion was so small I gave her my fruit.

Service C

The waitress came back after serving us to leave the check but never asked it we wanted something else or if the food was good.  I think she heard us discussing the food when she waited on the table next to us….it was so close we heard their conversation,

As we got ready to leave we learned, as the waitress offered to our neighbors, you can get coffee to go at no extra charge.  Nice.  We asked at the register and they fixed me a cup to go.  Nice touch!

Overall C

Hey it’s a chain and is run in the McDonald’s style, one adult “team leader” who supervises and young people serving and cooking.

Would I go back, well probably not there are plenty of choices in our community including several chains and some locally owned diners.  You can get better food and service somewhere else.


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