Year in the Rear View – second 6 months 

1 Jan

The year is winding down, the ball will drop soon and  tomorrow the resolutions kick in.  Here is a look back starting in July.  If you missed the first half go here Year in the Rear View – the First 6 Months.


J and I traveled to NJ with my employers car and met their daughter in North Jersey.  She drove the car on to Maine.  J and I stayed in NJ for July 4th.

I ran the Firecracker 4 Miler in Cranford

I pick this so you can’t see the time.  I’m slow!

The shirt worn AFTER the race.

Back home in June, a boat ride with our neighbors to Flippers for brunch…

a boat ride with Cris, J and…

Tony to the Green Flash on Captiva.


July is J’s birthday….

So Tony ant I rented a sailboat for the day.

J enjoying the sail.

A relaxed helmsman.


It was a quiet month, just watching the flowers grow.

taking early morning runs to beat the heat

and watching the new grass on the golf course grow.

J and I took a boat ride…

the eagle landed in our yard,

and Iggy made a brief two day visit.

Barbara and Bill came for a boat ride and lunch at Rum Runners.


J and I flew to NJ spent 2 days there and then drove to Maine to be with Anne and Dick, then drive their car to Florida by way of NJ.

We flew JetBlue to Newark…

We stayed with Katy, Eric, Max, and Justin (KEMJ) and went to a church carnival.,

We walked our Granddog Eva,

and saw Max and Justin’s first day of school. Then it was off for a 7 hour trip to Maine.

Anne and Dick are in Owl’s Head, ME near Rockland.

We went to the dahlia farm..

enjoyed the view from their porch, and

had dinner with Pam and Hank and enjoyed their homemade booze.

Went to a farmers market and then off on the 7 hour ride to KEMJ’s.

While we were at KEMJ’s their block had a block party.  The local firefighters showed up,

they were looking for recruits.

Too much food was consumed.

We went to lunch with Aunt Flossie and Uncle Hippy

The next day it was off on the two day drive to Florida.

Tony has joined a sailing timeshare, getting to use a Hunter 37 7 times a month.  He invited us on the first sail, perhaps because J and I know how to sail..

J and I enjoying margaritas on the sail.

Of course the highlight of the month was the Donald Trump rally.

J, me and 18,000 of our closest friends stood in the rain for 4 hours to see Mr. Trump.

Make America Great Again.

I also worked 3 days a week for Dick and Anne which meant getting my run in early and enjoying the sunrise.

Dick at Santibel Causeway Park.


On a October Friday. It’s we went for an evening sail with Tony and Cris…no wind just kinda drifting.

After sailing we grilled skirt steak and had some wine.

No one wanted to leave.

The farmers market is now at Koresean Park.

J and I had dinner with Barbara and Bill at their club, Worthington Country Club.

A handsome couple.

While it wasn’t cool, we did light the fireplace.

We removed the plants and palm on the garage side replacing everything with new.

Looks good!

We ended the month with another sail.  This time there was some wind!

Of course I cooked, Apple pizza.

and the Halloween favorite, Soup in a Pumpkin.


November was not a good month while it started great…

We went to a Veteran’s Day service in our community.

Our hibiscus are still blooming and

it was cool enough we were able to have breakfast on the lanai.

I had a bike accident going over my handlebars at 20 mph…

It required a hospital visit…

and some pain.  You don’t know how bad I felt!

We also made Grand Mariner.


December was a very busy month, 

We decorated for Christmas,

Cecilia, Anne and Dick came to dinner,

went to Epcot,

toured the world,

There’s that handsome couple again,

and we went to the Magic Kingdom..

It was á great couple of days celebrating my birthday.

we stirred the Grand Maniner

I went to the Encore Men’s Christmas Party,

That couple again, going to the Estero Encore Christmas Party,

We went on the Punta Gorda Christmas Lights boat ride…

Just some of the homes in Punta Gorda..

Our palms in the front got their hurricane cut..

We finally bottled and tasted the Grand Mariner….

Of course we celebrated Advent. Then Dec.22 we flew to NJ.

Christmas Eve we went to Barbara and Dick’s for their family get together.

Some of us were tired.

Santa came.

Even the big kids got something to smile about.

Max made a cheese board.

Katy fixed a wonderful meal…

On the 26th we had lunch with Pam and Hank

On the 27th we went to NYC, the September 11 Museum via the Staten Island Ferry

On the 29thJ was under the weather but I went to see my family..

Josh and Joel

Amy and Andy


Then on the 30th it was lunch with Aunt Flossie and Uncle Hippy at Manny’s.

It was time to leave on the 31st….I needed a rest.

We went to the United Club Lounge to wait for our plane and have some New Year’s Eve bubbly.

Finally we are home again.  We both brought back colds, we don’t get colds in Florida.  It was 27* when we left New Jersey and it was 78* when we landed.

That’s the year in the rear view.  I hope you enjoyed it, if you did please leave a comment.  If you don’t I’ll know You didn’t make it this far.


2 Responses to “Year in the Rear View – second 6 months ”

  1. idontknowcookbook January 1, 2017 at 4:16 pm #

    Looks like a pretty amazing year.

    • Oldman January 1, 2017 at 5:35 pm #

      It was a great year, thanks!

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