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14 May


Beginning the Weekend

27 Jan

Every Friday to begin the weekend the people on our circle get together to play bocci. It’s a league with friendly competition.

Our team Captain, Russ

Above is our team Captain, Russ.

We take it very seriously and often have to measure.

But the best time is when the servers bring the drink orders. Maybe that’s why our team loss again.

Finally Friday

26 Jan

I can’t believe that it is the end of January! Where does the time go? It’s been a busy month, redoing the guest bedroom, having to paint baseboards and living life. It seems like just yesterday that we were getting ready to move to Florida from New Jersey, that was 17 years ago. I’m a Florida native!

Yesterday I tried making a Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake. I saw it as a skillet cake on William Sonoma’s website and changed it to a heart shaped cake as a test for Valentines Day rather than the skillet.

For dinner was the ever popular new recipe of Salmon with Pesto Butter, bake potatoes and steamed broccoli. Max’s broccoli from his father’s farm was great!

I have a busy day, oil change and bocci.


What is your favorite way to cook salmon? Do you have a favorite fish?

Who is your Friday shaping up?

It’s raining…

23 Jan

This time of year it is usually bright sunshine and 78*. Not today! Today it is overcast and a light rain is falling, drizzle my Mother would call it.

I now have three things on Craig’s List. Two lamps and the Desk but other than scammers no one wants them.

Lunch was the leftover Roasted Tomato Soup and a Tuna Melt with Jack Cheese and a little pasta salad.

Sunday Sailing

23 Jan

Sunday, our good friends, Tony and Cris, invited J and I to go sailing on their Hunter 39 sailboat “Wild Again”. As you may or may not know I owned a sailboat, a Hunter 25.5 and raced it in the Delaware River. So anytime someone wants me to sail, I’m up for it!

Their boat is in Burnt Store Marina, which is 45 minutes north of where we live. Upon arrival we saw this….

This Osprey was eating his lunch and was not at all afraid of the plastic owl the boat owner had put on his mast.

Sailing is quite relaxing once the sails are hauled and the motor is off.

Even to the point of being bored and looking for entertainment as Tony did…see below video.

Here is just a 30 second taste of sailing.

We arrived safely back at the marina just before sunset.

What is it?

22 Jan

Ok you tell me what ate this raccoon!

When a Friend Dies

22 Jan

A while back, J’s 65 Surprise Birthday Party, I found Pam. Pam was J’s best friend growing up, dance partner while watching American Bandstand, the Maid of Honor at her wedding and J was in Pam’s wedding party. J and Pam raised children and, for a while, shared life with children including play dates for the kids. But as life does, J moved to South Jersey and lost touch with Pam.

J told me about her friend and while searching for party guest addresses I found Pam’s address. With the help of the Internet I found Pam’s phone number and called her. Together we conspired to surprise J at her party and surprise her we did!

For J to find Pam, after all these years, was like they were never apart. A renewed friendship began. I found Pam’s Maine Home was around the corner from my employer’s summer home in Maine. We went to Maine we visited Pam and her husband Hank. Then Pam and Hank came to our home in Florida for a brief visit. It became a “tradition” to have lunch with Pam and Hank every “Day After Christmas” in Cranford, NJ. Pam and J traded emails and spoke regularly one phone.

Day After Christmas 2017

Pam loved to cook and was a great cook. She and I traded cooking ideas and recipes including her recipe for Grand Mariner. When we had lunch she would bring a bottle of her home made Sambucca which was added to our coffee.

Friday Pam went in for shoulder surgery, a supposedly simple surgery. Hank called us Friday to say he was doing fine and recovering. Then Saturday while getting ready for discharge she coded and had a stroke. Hank called Saturday to tell us and J and I prayed. Sunday morning Hank called again. I was expecting good news, but it was not to be as Pam went to Heaven in the early morning hours Sunday.

While I was a friend on the sideline, I am deeply saddened in her unexpected passing. My heart breaks for Hank who I’m sure will be lost without his partner and love of 53 years. J and I spent time weeping and reminiscing of the visits and fun times.

My favorite preacher said “When you know where something is you haven’t lost it!” We haven’t lost Pam as we know where she is, safe in her Savior’s Home!

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